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Dear hunter-gatherer researcher this is how you can help:

  1. Send us an updated version of your CV.
  2. Check the “Catalogue of hunter-gatherers” and inform us either about cases of hunter-gatherer societies that must be included or cases that are included but must be dropped.
  3. Check the “Uncertain cases” section of the main menu and inform us about the cases that must be included (or not) at the “Catalogue of hunter-gatherers”.
  4. Inform us about hunter-gatherer documentaries and CDs.
  5. Send us maps (preferably free of copyright) showing the distribution of hunter-gatherer groups.
  6. If you have written a hunter-gatherer monograph or edited a hunter-gatherer volume please send us the references.
  7. Please consider writing a review for the “Reviews” section of the main menu.
  8. For any comments, changes, corrections or additions please contact Thanos Kouravelos at thanos.kouravelos@gmail.com.